Thursday, December 20, 2012

Almost Home - Ruth Andre

Winter is here and I am finding the season coming to me with what I paint. Memories of cold winters and how inviting it is to be home. The morning temperatures here in the valley are in the low 20's making my trip to the barn a real adventure. The horses are waiting by the gate ready for breakfast. The land is white with frost and the water buckets have a layer of ice to be broken. Heading back to the house to enjoy my morning tea is pure luxury. Thinking about winter has made for, "A Painting Day".

"We Are Almost Home" 12x12, oil on panel by Ruth Andre


Gail said...

Every day should be a painting day.

Unknown said...

There's something I really like of your paintings ... is how you to know how to express yours feelings with color and texture.
This piece is beautiful, I love it.