Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heart of the Valley - Ruth Andre

"Heart of the Valley"
8"x7.75" Painted Papers, Rock, Linen on Board
by Ruth Andre
On Hold

I live outside a Gold Rush town called Sutter Creek. The valley was the home for many miners mining for gold. The remnants of the old gold mines still exist as you pass through the country side. In the past Gold was the heart of the valley and then I believe it went back to rivers and creeks that criss cross valley and mountain towns. I like to think the Rancehria Creek that passes through our small ranch is now the heart of my valley. I am a collector of rocks. The rocks don't have to be especially beautiful to catch my eye. Sometimes it is not the color of the rocks but the shapes that I find as I walk with the horses in the pasture. I always need a pocket to tuck away a small treasure. The heart rock in this painting is one found underfoot while brushing the horses. I hope you
 are enjoying these new collage works. 


Theresa Paden said...


Ruth Andre said...

Theresa, Heart of the Valley is a quiet piece but I am enjoying its quietness. Thank-you for the comment. Ruth