Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Painting Day - Where's Momma

"Where's Momma"
4"x4"x.75 Oil on Cradled Panel
by Ruth Andre

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays! 
I want to wish you
all the best 
for the holidays and a New Year filled with great joy. 
I have enjoyed posting here on ,"A Painting Day" writing about what 
goes on here in the valley as I post my paintings. Right now we have 
a great deal of cuteness going on since the late calves that were born just a month
ago are getting up in size. The momma cows group them together in what I call a
nursery with one cow left to babysit while the other cows go out to graze. They 
have a good system keeping the babies protected and the mommas fed. The painting today 
is of a small heifer calf with a sweet look in her eye. I do love these little ones. Yesterday,
was, "A Painting Day".


carol morgan carmichael said...

Love this!

Ruth Andre said...

Hi Carol, Good to see your comment and thank-you for your good words. I love your animal portraits too.

Theresa Paden said...

What an adorable cow. I love the thick paint and brushwork!