Monday, December 22, 2014

A Painting Day - Passages - Ruth Andre

4"x18" oil & mixed media on Arches paper
by Ruth Andre

Original Oil on Paper by Ruth Andre
Giclee prints will be available in 2015

Today was a day to stop and enjoy a few moments tucked away in my studio. I, like everyone else I know have been making lists and shopping to get ready for the holidays. As the year comes to an end it is a time to give and to reflect and to set goals for the coming year. My thoughts turned to the passing of time and the passages of our life. Today's painting is called, "Passages" and it is painted on  Arches paper. I felt that this work on paper was successful and that led me to think about making multiple prints of the image. My mind is buzzing with ideas and it is exciting. I truly hope your holiday is filled with joy and love and may the New Year be filled with great happiness.
It has been, "A Painting Day".


North County Film Club said...

Merry Christmas, Ruth.
Beautiful painting, as usual.
I wish I could be like you and do one-a-day. The (almost) only time I paint is when I'm in a class. I do Zentangles every single day, tho, because I'm addicted. It's a nice addiction! But painting seems more serious!
Will you ever come to Fallbrook again? I'd love to see you.

Ruth Andre said...

Barbara, Your Zentangles are really lovely and it is good to hear you are doing one-a-day. I see a book coming in the future. Thank-you too for your lovely comment regarding my painting, "Passages". I would love to visit you in Fallbrook and see your new home. I wouldn't mind moving back to Fallbrook, CA. It is such a beautiful area.