Monday, December 8, 2014

A Painting Day - Woodland Reflections - Ruth Andre

"Woodland Reflections"
Three Panels Each 6"x6"x1.5" - Triptych
by Ruth Andre

This is such a busy time of year and we are all sailing around with much to do. I am enjoying the holiday season and am trying to do just what I want to do. Thanksgiving was a special time with my family gathering together at a family camp in the Sequoias in California. We went to see the giant Redwoods, General Sherman and General Grant. The whole forest was so beautiful but these old trees named after our famous forefathers were amazing to see. The camp was full of kids, parents and grandparents all celebrating their time together. May your holidays be filled with 
Good Cheer and much Happiness!

5 comments: said...

I truly love, love, love this one, Ruth

Sea Dean - Paint a Masterpiece said...

Absolutely the best. Not really my colours, but somehow it mimics the appearance of reflections on gold which I love.

I have a question which is mystifying me. What type of Encaustic do you do? I went to a class but it was a painfully slow drippy hot wax process and I didn't like the results. Is yours a cold wax method? Could you recommend a book or do you have a video I could watch or??? Help!

Sea Dean - Paint a Masterpiece said...

Lovely You Tube videos by the way. I must get around to doing that. Where I'm confused is in combining the wax with the paint and the technical details you need to know.
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Ruth Andre said...

Julie, Thank-you for your lovely comment. It is much appreciated.

Ruth Andre said...

Sea, Check out the Oil & Wax forum. You will find a lot of useful information along with work by mixed media artists.